The Tales of Cheese

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Would you like to join me to the adventures of Cheese?!
Come on. Say Cheese!! and here we are now.. to The tales of Cheese.
Cheese is one of the favourable sinful foods that most of us can’t resist it! The existence of cheese has been realized for more than 4,000 years.
According to the tales, an Arabian businessman had one day of trip across the dessert and he coincidentally made it by put his stock of milk into a small sack made from a sheep's stomach.

Following this, the combination of the sun heat had turned the milk into curd and whey liquid. At night the starving businessman was very lucky because he got 2 in 1 meal sets which is the whey as his drink and curd (cheese) as his food.

And that is how the tales end~ Incredible enough right people?
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