The Art of Making Cheese

How are you doing guys? Clear your mind for today because we will have the big opportunities to learn how cheese is made!
Step 1 - Milk Intake
To have a quality cheese the main ingredient is the source of great milk. We need ten pounds of milk to be tested in order to fine superior pure milk and as the result of that we will manage to get one pound of cheese.
Step 2 - Standardization
Next, the milk is treated to establish product quality. This will include weighing, heat treatment, or pasteurization.
Step 3 - Starter Culture & Coagulant
To start the cheese making process we need to add good bacteria which can help to fix the exact taste and texture of the cheese. Following this, to form custard from the milk, we have to add milk-clotting enzyme called as rennet.
Step 4 - Cutting
Once the milk begins to solidify into curds, it is sliced away from the whey (or liquid) and cut into small pieces.
Step 5 - Stirring, Heating & Draining
The cheese makers will cook and stir the curds and whey together until the control temperature of curd completed.  The whey will lastly separate into a shaped curd.
Step 6 - Curd Transformation
This is where the real magic is made. Depending on the way the cheese maker handles and salts the curd, the cheese can go in many different directions. Whether it’s a Greek cheese or an Italian cheese, it all started with a simple curd!
Step 7 - Pressing
Press the curd until it turn to a shape. We need to press the cheeses in 3 – 12 hours which depends on their size.
Step 8 - Curing
The last step is curing that will depending on the specific type of cheese and other factors, the cheese may be cured (or aged in controlled humidity) for several years. This helps to fully develop texture and flavour. The end. Wisconsin Cheese

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