Let's get Fun with Cheeses

Hello people~ let's boost the fun vibes of cheeses shared by Dairygoodness.ca
A.      Preparation

The amount of cheese to buy depends on the occasion. We suggest 3 traditional courses to organize cheese tasting. We usually start with cheeses that are mild and move to stronger ones.

To serve as an aperitif or at the end of a meal: 45 to 60 grams per person

To serve at happy hour: 90 to 150 grams per person

To serve as a more substantial tasting: 250 grams per person

Here is a practical formula to help you figure out how many grams per cheese you need to buy:
(Pers. x Qty) ÷ (cheese x Course) = Quantity per cheese

Pers. = number of people

Qty = recommended quantity per person

Cheese = number of cheeses

Course = number of courses

B.      Presentation

It doesn’t take much to attract a crowd to cheese, so a simple, elegant plate can suffice. But a lovely assortment of cheeses luxuriously lay out on a prized marble or porcelain platter is pure art. And feel free to get experimental. A wicker tray, an unusual piece of wood, an old mirror... Cheese works with every style, from classically formal to purely bohemian.

You may even want to go as far as naming your choices. Sliced figs, uncracked walnut shells, event bottle corks make nifty label holders.

C.      Breads & Crackers

There are as many types of bread and crackers as there are cheeses. So you may want to play it simple with a crusty baguette, or vary your breads along a scale as you do your cheeses. Raisin, nut bread, sourdough, pumpernickel and many more. Just remember the idea is not to overwhelm the taste of the cheese.

You also want to combine breads according to textures. A dark rye works well with a Havarti, and nut bread is perfect with a blue cheese. But be careful with biscuits and crackers; mild to neutral are best. You don’t want an overly salty taste competing with your cheese! (C) 2016 Dairygoodness.ca

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