History of Cheese

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Asian voyagers are credited as they have generated the art of the making of cheese to Europe. Around the 10th Century, Italy developed the center of making cheese in Europe.
In 1851, cheese became a well-known food and Jesse Williams in Oneida County, New York, succeeded to open up the earliest cheese factory in United States.
Swiss immigrants moved to the Green County, the westward of United States and work as Wisconsin farmers to manufacture the foreign cheese in 1845. During 1868 they managed to open their first factory, a Limburger plant.

  • 1880 – 3,923 dairy factories nationwide (produced 216 million pounds of cheese which prices $17million).
  • 1970s and 1980s – Natural cheese had been made for more than 6 billion pounds.
  • 1990s - Processed cheese produced 2 billion pounds a year.

In order to make cheese in the U.S. more than 1/3 of milk is needed each year. Pursuing this further, the industry of cheese increases year by year due to the customer desires.
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