How to Store Cheese

Today i will teach you how to store the cheese in proper ways from Dairy Goodness website

A.      In the Fridge

As a rule, make sure that the wrapping adheres well to the cheese to avoid drying out. Store your cheeses in the lower shelf of your refrigerator, far from foods with strong odours, to avoid absorption of unwanted tastes and smells. If you follow these rules, your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer will make a good storage place.

To preserve freshness, plastic wrap is the most versatile and accessible option. It also provides the tightest seal to protect cheese from moisture, odours and possibly mould in the fridge.

B.   Shelf Life of Cheese

Make sure to store cheese under the right conditions and consume it prior to the “best before” date found on the package. Keep your cheese in the fridge at all times and only take it out a few minutes before serving. Below are a few general guidelines for storing cheese.

Fresh cheese: a few days to 2 weeks

Soft cheese: 1 week

Semi-soft cheese: 2 to 3 weeks

Firm cheese: 5 weeks

Hard cheese: 10 months

C.      In the Freezer

All cheeses can be frozen, but do keep in mind that freezing can affect their texture and character. This is why thawed cheeses are best used for cooking. Neither the taste nor the texture of meals cooked with previously frozen cheeses will be affected.

You can freeze cheeses, in pieces of 500 g or less, for up to two months. Make sure they are carefully wrapped in plastic wrap and place them in an airtight freezer bag. As with all types of cheeses, it is important to cool before freezing, and to allow the cheese to thaw slowly in the refrigerator, which allows it to regain the humidity lost while frozen.

D.      Left-over Cheese

Left-over cheese will retain its flavour and moistness if you re-wrap it in the original wrapping and refrigerate as soon as possible. Remember that cooking with leftover cheeses is always a delicious alternative!

Grate or melt hardened cheeses into your favourite recipes or fondue.
Shavings of Canadian Cheddar can liven up a tomato or onion soup.
Left-over Brie is ideal in an omelette.

Give Brick cheese a second life by shredding it on pizza.

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